Updated November 2023
Terms of Service are subject to change.
Those that are allergic to dogs, please consider a different maker. While I keep my pets out of my workspace as often as I can, animal fur and dander can still find their way into my workspace.
Duct tape dummies are required for bodysuit commissions. Do not commission me for a bodysuit if you are unable to make and ship a duct tape dummy.
I do not work with minors. All clients must be 18 or older to commission me. ID will be required to confirm that clients are of age.
Parents/Guardians may commission me for those that are under 18, but payment and initial communications must be done through the adult.
I do not work with deadlines. I can attempt to have a project complete within a certain amount of time, but this is not guaranteed.
Rush orders are not accepted, as rushing will compromise the quality of the product.
I reserve my right to refuse service to anyone for any reason if I feel unsafe or uncomfortable working with a client. 
Payment received will be refunded to the client. If work has already started the commission will be altered and sold as a completely new character.
Harassment and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. They will be blacklisted across platforms.
Quotes have no charge and are an estimate of the final price the commission will be. Price may be subjected to change depending on design altercations, unexpected labor, material availability, etc.
The commissioner will be informed of any unforeseen costs that occur during the creation process. Additional charges will be approved with the commissioner before invoicing.
Any quote received will be valid for 6 months. Perspective commissioners must reapply should 6 months pass the initial quote.
A reference sheet must be provided of the client’s character to receive a quote.  Alternatively, a collection of images of the character may be submitted. Front and back of the design are a must. There are plenty of free to use bases and artists taking commissions if the client is in need of a reference sheet.
Reference sheets are not required for artistic liberty commissions. Client’s must contact me with a concept in order to receive a proper quote.
Quotes include:
• Links to materials for the commissioner to approve a material (fur color, fur length, etc)
• An estimate cost of labor needed to complete commission ($29/hour)
• Complete estimated total cost of commission 
A quote is not a commission request, so a client may request a quote without commissioning me.
Payment is only accepted through Paypal
Commissions require at least a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment.
Commissions under $500 are to be paid off completely in 30 days or less after the initial payment.
Commissions $500+ are eligible for a 90-day payment plan.
Commissions $1000+ are eligible for a 180-day payment plan.
If extra time is required to complete a payment plan, the client must inform me beforehand in order to prevent cancellation. Failure to pay in full for the commission results in the cancellation of the commission. Clients may be refunded any payments made after the 30% down payment.
A shipping estimate is provided with every quote. Shipping may be subject to change.
Please be aware that shipping can get very pricey. I do not ship without insurance;  this will increase the price of shipping.
The commissioner will pay for all shipping expenses. Once completed a tracking number will be provided.
I am not responsible for the package once it has reached the post office. Please provide accurate shipping information to make sure your package arrives at the right location!
Work in Progress Updates
My Trello queue is updated as I work.
I update my telegram WIP channel on Wednesdays or if a project has been completed.
Patreon is also updated with exclusive WIPs on Wednesday, completed projects will premiere earlier on Patreon.
Work in Progress updates will be directly sent to the client to inform them on the progress of their commission. Clients may message me privately if they would like to see more WIPs.
Often, I dedicate my time to one project at a time. If a client feels that they are not receiving enough updates, they may contact me.
There is a 6-month warranty on all suits that begins after they have been shipped.
If there are any popped seams, fitting issues, holes, etc. the commission can be shipped back to me and I will fix it for free. The commissioner must pay shipping to return a suit to me and I will pay the return shipping once the repair is complete. This does not include things such as unsuccessful altercations, heat damage due to improper cleaning, etc.
Clients must provide photos of what needs repairs. I will not accept a repair unless I have been informed about it.
Please make sure to wash and clean the suit before shipping it out to me for repairs.
Repairs that fall out of the warranty will not be done for free. Client is responsible for all shipping.
Refunds are under no circumstance given for completed commissions. This includes if the order has not yet been shipped.
Refunds can be given to commissioners whose orders are not yet complete, however the 30% down payment is never refundable, a refund for the remaining amount will be given depending on the amount of work completed in both hours and materials.
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